I am sure that the video shows a radio controlled flyer, but …. it s interesting to dream.


There have been a number of alleged pterosaur sightings around the world. Texas and California are the states in the U.S. where some have occurred. In Texas, there were reports of pterosaurs in Harlingen in 1976, San Antonio in 1976 and Los Fresnos in 1982. No photos were taken but three-toed, 8-inch tracks were found in Harlingen.

Pterosaurs have also reportedly been seen in Kansas, Utah, Arizona and Ohio … and now Idaho.

As expected, there are many more pterosaur sightings in Africa and on remote Pacific islands. In 1923, natives in Zambia reported seeing what they called a kongamoto, which means “overwhelmer of boats,” and said it looked just like drawings of pterosaurs. There have been many reports of pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea, where it’s called a ropen and has the unusual characteristic of glowing while flying.

Has some species of pterosaur survived extinction for 65 million years by hiding in the jungles of Africa or the forests of Idaho? Where are they? Are they sharing hiding places with thunderbirds? It’s difficult to judge the size and shape of birds, bats and gliding animals when seen in flight, especially at night. Does that explain every sighting of a pterosaur?