In this site I will compile a large compendium of unexplained cases, and try to stick to the facts.

I consider myself an skeptic in the sense that I want to find the truth no matter where it leads.

The compilation of cases is just to provide a starting point of research.

The sections as of this writing are:

Ancient Humanities: Were we discuss ancient civilizations, and pre-historic cultures, anachronistic archaeology among them the possibility of Atlantis, or advanced technological civilizations that went extinct.

Conspiracies: From the strange, like fluoride in the water supply, to 9/11, to the Tuskeegee experiments.

Cryptozoology: Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch find a nest here.

Interesting People: Humans too incredible to be true.. but they are!

Interesting Places: Places of power or mistery. From Nazca to Gobleki Teppe.

Some of the cases here (hopefully most of them) will have a section called FACT, where only the facts will be listed.

The hyperlinks will offer different degree of speculation, hypothesizing and BS…
Terminology is key.  The term UFO does not imply alien aircraft, nor extraterrestrial life. It means Unidentified Flying Object. A kite displayed in a bad picture could be a UFO. A plane in a blurry picture could be a UFO. Etc.