A fair share of time during those years has been spent in an in-depth investigation of the Metallic Library and the Tayos Cave. Nobody wanted this story to be true more than I. Unfortunately, by the time I got right down to the final root of the entire story, I discovered that it was a total lie that was promoted by various people over the years, each with their own agenda.

The whole story started with Petronio Jaramillo. He originally created the story as a fictional novel. His former wife was the scribe for his dictations. I interviewed her on video a few years ago and she recounted the entire “made-up”, fictional, experience.

But at some point, Jaramillo discovered he might turn a financial profit by converting the story into fact. In the process, he tried to fool Pino Turolla (Beyond the Andes) into believing the story and buying it. Pino was not fooled. Read about it in his wonderful book.

Juan Moricz then stole the story from Jaramillo and promoted it as his own unique discovery. Juan continued to make even more fantastic claims about contacts with intra-terrestrials and more. Juan conducted several expeditions within the cave, however none of the expedition participants ever saw anything special. I interviewed most of them on video too.

Juan used his notorious discovery as a way to promote his gold mining ventures all around southern Ecuador. While Juan was a true scholar and amazing investigator, he completely lied about the Metallic Library.

Then Eric von Daniken got his piece of the pie with his book, Gold of the Gods. Eric profited more than anyone from the story. However, there was basically not one shred of truth in the entire book. I challenge him to prove me wrong. I still possess all of the evidence and all of the details of my entire investigation.

The late Stan Hall showed up in 1976 and organized a multi-million dollar British/Ecuadorian expedition into the cave for many weeks. He even convinced Neil Armstrong to participate! My thorough investigations produced no evidence at all that anything was discovered connected to an ancient advanced civilization.

Stan Hall couldn’t seem to let go of the subject after his failed expedition. Jaramillo had completely sucked him in too. Hall went on to write a ridiculous book, Tayos Gold, that basically makes no sense. In the book, he claimed that the “real” Tayos Cave is actually on the Pastaza River. The cave is real; I fully explored the whole thing. It contained absolutely nothing.

A professional Japanese expedition penetrated the Tayos Cave further than anyone else in history. They reached a point nearly 20 kilometers from the entrance. I have some of their video footage in my collection. Once again, no evidence of an ancient advanced civilization.

Next, you have wannabe explorers, reporters and copy cat authors who have written and retold what they have heard or read, never having done the slightest original investigation of their own. Philip Coppens comes to mind as a perfect example of this. There are many more.

There is so much more to this story. I hope to reveal it all one of these days. I apologize for only giving you the short version John.